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when you think of modest fashion, do you picture something along the lines of Amish or Victorian era bonnets and bland dresses? you're not alone. plenty of ladies desire cute, classy, ready to wear options that are tasteful and modest. women like us want to be trendy, not trashy; sophisticated, not stuffy. in other words, #thestruggleisreal.


if you google (or bing) the word "modest", you'll probably see drab definitions like "self-depreciating", "bland", "boring" or "adequate". this is not a good representation of modesty as a whole. women from all walks of life who have chosen to dress modestly are vivacious, spunky, flirty, bright, and confident. we know that beauty doesn't come from how much you expose, but how you carry yourself and the confidence, kindness, and personality you exude.


our modest clothing should reflect that purposeful personality. we need clothing options that are bombshell, not boring; knock-out, not adequate. it's about respecting yourself. expressing who you are. showing off your body in a flattering, graceful way. wearing trends, not allowing trends to wear you. pioneering dressing with a purpose.


so, where does a band of modest fashionistas find pieces with flare that still flatter and respect the body? well, we could browse through retailer after retailer, endlessly shopping and failing to find exactly what we want - abandoning online shopping carts like some rogue fashion bandits...or we can all gather together in an online community and store tailored to our specific style.


...a place like modmodest.co

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